white kidney bean for weight loss

white kidney bean extract reviews

Easy to swallow and helps with weight loss and appetite control.

This white kidney bean dietary supplement is very easy to take. They are capsules and easy to swallow. At first, I was a bit confused on how to take them. The directions say to take 2 before eating starchy foods but don’t exceed 4 a day.

So I decided to take 2 every night before dinner. There are 60 capsules in the bottle so I took them for almost a month so far. I have honestly lost 10 pounds in that time frame and I didn’t change much of my everyday lifestyle. I still had my ice cream and some sweets and tried to eat a well-balanced meal.

They work great at controlling my urges to eat between meals. I didn’t get any side effects from them and there wasn’t any aftertaste at all, and my doctor did approve of them, as I do take other medications for controlling chronic pain and fibromyalgia that I have. In my opinion, they are an excellent supplement for anyone looking to help their diet and lose a few pounds. I definitely recommend them.

-Madeline P

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white kidney bean extract review
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