CHLORELLA •PURE• Broken cell wall algae capsules


❤️ NATURE’S ULTIMATE DETOX SUPPLEMENT: Chlorella is believed to help ‘detox’ the body, and to increase the number of good bacteria in the body. It is also believed to help with energy levels. HIGH IN BETA CAROTENE AND CHLOROPHYLL – two of nature’s most powerful ‘plant foods’ that may
❤️ Our chlorella is the broken cell wall variety which increases the nutrients available for absorption
❤️ Contribute to some of the health effects of plant-foods.
❤️ Contributes to immune system support, reduction of tiredness & blood sugar support
❤️ HIGH IN PROTEIN – a great source of plant-based protein – get your protein WITHOUT eating animal foods! Chlorella also contains a lot of Vitamin A, B2, Iron, and Zinc

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