YACON ROOT Extract •Pure• Powder Capsules

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❤️ IMPROVE YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Yacon root contains compounds that function as prebiotics in the body, improving digestive health. These prebiotic properties influence the development of microflora in the digestive tract, leading to improved gastrointestinal fermentation.

❤️ BOOST YOUR METABOLISM – Yacon Root has metabolism boosting properties that help you burn more calories by boosting your basal metabolic rate, or the number of calories your body uses to simply carry out its daily functions. This means that your body will begin burning off additional calories before you even begin adding exercise to your routine. Not only will this help you lose weight faster, it will help you avoid the plateau pitfalls.

❤️ SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE – Yacon Root contains soluble fiber which is able to bulk the food in our digestive system thus preventing constipation. The bulky feeling also keeps you full, which as a result helps reduce your appetite. It is also believed to affect ghrelin, a hormone that affects our hunger, thus resulting in elimination of hunger pangs.

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