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Success Chemistry

NEW LUNG® Mushroom Immune Aid - Lung Health & Immunity

NEW LUNG® Mushroom Immune Aid - Lung Health & Immunity

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Hi Are you tired of feeling run down and constantly getting sick?

Do you want to take control of your health and feel your best every day?

Look no further than Success Chemistry's Lung Immune Supplement, featuring a powerful blend of mushroom extracts that are packed with immune-strengthening polysaccharides and beta-glucans, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. <p> These medicinal components in mushrooms have been shown to have incredible health benefits, and the combination of Maitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Royal Sun Agaricus, White Button Mushroom, Black Fungus, Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium, and Reishi in our supplement is the perfect way to unlock their potential. With regular use, you may notice a transformation in your health and well-being as your immune system becomes stronger and more resilient. <p> Imagine waking up every day feeling energized and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way, with the knowledge that you're supporting your immune health and promoting overall wellness. Don't wait to start your transformation - try Success Chemistry's today Lung Immune Supplement today and discover the power of mushrooms for yourself!

🍄 Success Chemistry® Lung Immune Supplement Features: Maitake Mushroom Extract, Turkey Tail Extract, Chaga Mushroom Extract, Royal Sun Agaricus Extract, White Button Mushroom Extract, Black Fungus Extract, Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, & Lions Mane.
Mushrooms contain medicinal components such as polysaccharides and beta-glucans that have been found to have immune-strengthening and boosting properties. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that may have other potential health benefits.
🍄 The bio-active compounds in Mushrooms contain plethora of therapeutic applications.
🔬 266mg - CORDYCEPS According to a study published in the European Respiratory Review (doi: 10.1183/16000617.00001715), asthma patients treated with Cordyceps showed an improvement rate of 81.3% on average within five days. The study highlights the potential of Cordyceps as a treatment option for asthma
🔬 266mg - TURKEY TAIL The PSK found in Turkey Tail may improve immune functions
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